Hello, I'm so glad you are here.

For over ten years I have been working to guide women and adolescent girls to rediscover their most authentic Self, befriend emotions, reclaim their voice, overcome trauma and create strong communities. I specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression, parenting, and women’s issues.

To live authentically requires that we begin to pay attention to and get curious about our internal world. I am here to offer a space for you to safely embrace every part of you, to reconnect to your body, and to tap in to your inner wisdom and innate capacity for healing. It is an honor to be a part of your journey and to witness you discover your strength to live your truth. 

To feel lost, unworthy, disconnected - is to be human. 

There are times for all of us when life becomes overwhelming, when hope is lost, and it feels impossible to make connections with others or oneself. At times we all become hijacked by our big feelings and the extreme beliefs that we carry within.

I am here to hold a sacred space for you.

In these moments we can all use more support. Therapy can be the first step to saying YES to yourself; to making YOU a priority. This is a space for you to begin to reconnect; to bring some curiosity and mindful awareness (and maybe even some compassion!) to what you notice with your feelings, thoughts, body, and behaviors. To grow and create lasting change in life we have to start first with this awareness.

I believe in your strength and capacity to heal.

Every individual that I work with can expect my respect, insight, compassion, and authenticity. It is my role to understand and support your goals and your progress in the therapeutic process.  

Within you is all the wisdom and strength you will ever need.

Therapy is a service that we all deserve to access, even if for just a few concerns we want to discuss. A person's first experience with therapy will dictate her comfort when seeking services in the future. I ensure this first experience is healthy, supportive and productive. 

What you can expect from me

This is a space where you will be accepted for exactly who you are, and for exactly where you are in life. Our process begins with building trust - I never assume that just because I have some funky letters behind my name that people should automatically trust me. Earning your trust as you build comfort within this process is something that I hold sacred. The therapeutic relationship is the greatest predictor of change (which research backs up), and if there isn’t trust you will not benefit from this process the way you deserve to. From the start we will collaborate to find the best path forward for you. As a therapist it is never my job to tell you what to do or even what your goals should be. Different things work for different people, and you are the expert on you.

I see my role as being your guide, and in this very privileged role I will work to guide you back to your wisest, strongest, most true Self. I have full trust in your internal wisdom (even during the times when it may feel hard for you to believe in it yourself!), and during our time together we will engage in a process of uncovering, unblending, and reconnecting to this wisdom.  

My holistic approach focuses on empowerment; on guiding you back to reconnecting to your authentic Self while honoring the mind, body, spirit connection. I integrate several different trauma-sensitive approaches - which will allow us to find the path forward that works the best for you and your growth. All of these approaches are rooted in mindfulness, self-compassion and acceptance, and the neuroscience of what is happening within the brain, nervous system, and body. Read more about my approach.

You have the opportunity to start returning home to your wholeness today; there is no reason to wait any longer.

Kelly Caul, mSW, LCSW - Founder of Empowered Therapy, LLC and Empowered Spaces, LLC

Kelly Caul, mSW, LCSW - Founder of Empowered Therapy, LLC and Empowered Spaces, LLC

In The Community

In April 2018 I opened a collaborative trauma-informed wellness community with a holistic focus on mind, body, and spirit. This is the home for Empowered Therapy, as well as four other private practices. Within this community, I founded Empowered Spaces, LLC, a Center for Connection and Wellness. Empowered Spaces’s primary mission is to provide and facilitate trauma-informed opportunities for healing, connection, and community. 

I have learned from and been inspired by trainings and courses in many different approaches and techniques, including:


Master of Social Work, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP), Minor in Art; Washington University in St. Louis

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