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Girls With Strength: Discover Your Voice ... Find Your Power

  • Empowered Therapy 7602 Big Bend Boulevard St. Louis, MO, 63119 (map)

Therapeutic Empowerment Groups for Young Women in Junior School

You are not alone! Amazing things happen when a group of women gather together in community. 

Girls with Strength is a 12-week therapeutic empowerment groups for adolescent girls. Since 2009, these sacred spaces have offered support and comfort that invites each individual to explore and reconnect with her most authentic self as she learns valuable tools to help navigate her world.

Young women find connection with one another while working on building self-compassion, confidence, self-awareness, healthy coping strategies, and skills to develop healthy relationships.  

We all need connection.

There is a healing power in connections.

Group therapy offers a safe and rewarding way to connect with and learn from others who are dealing with similar issues.

As a group member, each young woman is a valuable resource to the other members as she shares her experiences (as much or as little as she chooses!) – both the successes and struggles. 

It can be easier for teens to work through challenges with the help of peers in similar situations. This environment provides the opportunity to practice new skills while building trusting and healthy relationships. 

  • Build self-compassion, self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness

  • Develop healthy coping tools to deal with stress, anxiety and depression

  • Discuss ways to survive the pressures and expectations of being a teenage woman

  • Learn about healthy relationships and find your voice in relationships

  • Discover, recognize, and develop strengths as a woman

These groups offer young women:

  • Community - A safe and supportive space to connect with other young women

  • Connection - Building trusting and positive relationships with other girls

  • A path to Self-acceptance - reconnecting with and honoring her most authentic Self

  • Voice - Encouragement to voice her truth and share her story, building self-awareness and acceptance for both her strengths and struggles

  • Support - As she builds skills and the self-awareness to identify, articulate, and befriend her feelings

  • Validation - A judgment-free zone and the knowing (and believing!) that she is not alone!

  • Skills to Cope - Developing new strategies to cope with the pressures and expectations from today's world - releasing perfectionism and embracing healthy striving

  • Strategies - to reconnect with her Inner Wise Woman during the moments of harsh self-criticism and self-judgment

  • Tools - to work towards better self-care – including self-compassion, mindfulness, shame resilience, boundary setting, communication skills, transitioning to a growth mindset, and gratitude practices

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