Conscious, Connected, Compassionate Parenting

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“Who we are and how we engage with the world are much stronger predictors of how our children will do than what we know about parenting."

Dr. Brene Brown

Being a parent can be the most challenging, rewarding, and CHALLENGING role that we will ever experience in life. There is no rule book, and not much of a road map. What 'works' in one moment may not work in the next. We may often find ourselves wondering - 'Am I doing this right?', 'Am I doing enough?', 'Am I messing this up?'. And the harsh inner critic might be in a continuous state of judgment - pointing out all of the moments when we feel we have 'failed' as a parent. The wishes and expectations that we had for ourselves when we became a parent - the things we told ourselves that we would do differently - may not always happen in the moment. 

Does any of this ring true for you? …

  • You feel like everything you say is wrong, that every talk you have leads to an argument, and that every day you find yourself walking on eggshells.

  • You find yourself constantly reacting, struggling with your anger (patience no where to be found!), so uncertain about how to move through these tough moments.

  • Maybe the communication is going ok, but you continue to see your teen struggle in ways that are scaring you. It can be heartbreaking to witness your teen in pain, lose all sense of self, and lose the confidence that was once there. You want to help, but your don't know what to do anymore - you feel like you have tried everything. 

  • You are overworked, overloaded, overwhelmed, and no where in your day do you find a moment just for you.

  • You have started to notice that everything your teen is going through is brining up all of your ‘old stuff'. You remember what it was like for you to be a teen - how it felt, how you saw yourself, how you experienced others and the world - and you want some support in making sense of your own childhood so that it doesn't become/continue to be the lens through which you see your child. 

You are not alone. As parents we all need support.

There is nothing else in life like the relationships with our children that will bring our own triggers and unhealed wounds roaring to the surface.  Parenting is NOT about doing anything perfectly; parenting is not even about avoiding mistakes. Parenting is a relationship. Parenting is about becoming more conscious of your inner world and your personal triggers so that you can discover ways to stay connected to your wisest Self, and therefore stay connected and attuned to your teen.

I am committed to helping parents find ways to come back to center in order to parent from a place of consciousness, connection, and compassion.

It is from this space that you are then able to empower your teen to make healthy decisions, embody her worthiness, embrace self-compassion, and honor her sovereign spirit. You will discover ways to better understand yourself, as well as gain a better understanding of your teen and the pressures and expectations she is facing on a daily basis.

  • Discover new strategies to empower your teen while also nurturing your relationship

  • Learn ways to mindfully come back to center (allowing yourself to pause and respond vs emotionally and impulsively react). It is from this centered place that we can be our best Self!

  • Find clarity on what matters most to you, what your family’s most important values are, and what clear consistent boundaries need to be upheld

  • Learn how to hold limits while staying in connection, and then how to provide firm and consistent learning opportunities for your teen that will empower her to build skills and strengthen her resiliency (opposed to reacting with punitive consequences in the heat of the moment)

  • Find ways to speak for every part of you - without being reactive 

  • Begin to trust that self-care is not selfish, and that when you take care of yourself in the ways that you need most you are actually able to show up as your best self for others

  • Discover ways to calm the fears, worries, anxieties you have about your teen (if you are a parent you have them!), so that they do not end up hijacking you and resulting in control and disconnection

  • Learn how to hold space for your teen to experience all her feelings - knowing that it is not your job to fix, control, or take away any of the tough feelings or experiences she is going through

  • Learn to identify the parts of your teen that are struggling with depression, unhealthy behaviors, problems with bullying, abusive relationships, and self-injuring behaviors


"Raising our children the conscious way means we turn the spotlight away from fixing them and work on raising ourselves to the highest level of consciousness possible"

Dr. Shefali

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